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by Eli Yayne, June 12, 2018
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Hi Guys! I am Eli Yayne and welcome to my blog. My real name is Eliah Rayne G. Amoroso. I am 18 years old and I live in the beautiful country of the Philippines! I am an advocate of anti-bullying since I've been a victim myself and it lead to depression and anxiety disorder. Join me in my journey in becoming a successful youtuber and vlogger. Thank youuu!

Why I Started Vlogging

by Eli Yayne, June 12, 2018
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Why I started? Well, I decided that I want to become a youtuber and a vlogger in order to help myself and other people who are diagnosed with depression to cope up with it and to tell others how bullying affects other people to the point of it leading to depression. So please do support me in my mission.

About Me

Me and my niece

My inner thoughts are dark but my personality is very simple. I love to eat desserts, I like playing piano, fashion, table tennis, volleyball, adventures, and new stuff. My favorite animals are pandas because they show equality with their colors.

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